If you have considered volunteering you have the reason to! Volunteering is an amazing way of giving something back to a community and make a difference for the people around. You will gain an unforgettable life experience developing your own skills or get the chance to learn something new and inspiring. 

As a passionate interior designer and traveler I was looking for some volunteer programs where I could use my skills as a designer as well to explore new parts of the world. Ill pass you some info about a volunteer organization I found named Build Abroad.






Build Abroad´s mission is to build and repair communities around the world. With projects such as housing, schools, community renovation and post disaster relief, volunteers participate with their skills to help out. Currently Build Abroad has projects in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Haiti, Nepal and Peru! Volunteers can take a trip any week of the year and stay for six months.

This is an example how a volunteer project would look like in Costa Rica.


Costa Rica is known as one of the most stable countries in Central America. A lot of this economy depends on tourism, which is primarily because of its beautiful, natural attractions. While the beach and tourist spots are typically well developed, the cities and towns inland can benefit from construction volunteers. Costa Rica is one of the fastest growing countries in Central America. Because of this, there are many makeshift buildings in the biggest city and capital, San Jose. Volunteers will be working in and around San Jose on repair projects to schools, churches, women’s shelters, and orphanages. Volunteer in Costa Rica and experience a thriving, beautiful country!

All photos has been taken from the build-abroads website

Life in Costa Rica can be summed up by one phrase: “Pura Vida,” which literally means “pure life.”  You will find people using this phrase as a greeting, farewell, expression, or way of giving thanks. It is a reflection of the carefree lifestyle that you will find in the country. Many people adopt this when they volunteer in Costa Rica!

Build Abroad provides all accommodations for program participants. Living accommodations during the week will be with a host family. Accommodations will vary slightly, but hot water is available 24 hours a day at all our homestays. Some of our homestays will have wifi access, but for those that do not, you have free access to wifi at our volunteer offices.

Local Costa Rican food is provided two times a day for participants at home-stays. Costa Rican food is a fusion cuisine, as it combines elements of culinary traditions from Africa, Italy, France, China, and Spain. Costa Rican cuisine is fairly mild food, but is still known for being flavorful. Rice and black beans are a staple for most meals, including breakfast. Expect meals to also comprise of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Aside from volunteering, you will have plenty of time to explore the surrounding area or even take weekend trips to nearby destinations such as volcanoes and beaches




On their website buildabroad.org you can read more about their projects and destinations. Under, you will see a price list and what the fee includes, but it is varies depending on the location. I hope you got a little more eager for pursuing the idea of volunteering:) Skjermbilde 2017-12-07 kl. 22.11.43


Skjermbilde 2017-12-07 kl. 22.10.46

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