Rio de janeiro is the perfect place to get a creative boost meanwhile exploring the world. Parque Lage is an old mansion located in the Jardim Botanico àrea which the Italian architect Mario Vodrel rebuilt for the industrialist Enrique Lage and his wife and singer Gabriella Bezanssoni.

With grey brickstone and interior paintings finished by Salvador Payols Sabate, Parque lage is today public and a home for a cafe and visual artists. 

Surrounded by a huge garden of caves, fountains and jungle trees to wander around in, it is one of the most beautiful places to discover in Rio. With its cozy cafe and art school Escola arte Visual de Parque Lage in the middle of a green jungle it´s not difficult to get a real Brazilian artistic vibe with your breakfast or lunch. 




D.R.I is a cute cafe offering plenty of salads, juices and cafés perfect for breakfast or lunch, but they also have nice dinners, wine, beers and whisky 🙂



Parque Lage offers art courses for kids and adults and they often have expositions by local artists or the students throughout the hallways. The courses aims for artist, curators or researchers wanting to deepening their contact with art. Graphic design, sculpturing, painting, curating and photography are some of the courses. Take a look at their site to check out for some upcoming art expositions or courses for you –


The address is Rua Jardim Botanico 414.



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