“What are the best things and worst things in your life, and when are you going to get around to whispering them or shouthing them?” – Ray Bradbury, science fiction and fantasy author.

Say it one last time if you must, but after this, you will never again utter the world´s most famous excuse: 


Trust me, I´ve said that maybe more times than anything else. As well, I dont have money, I dont have ideas nor do I find inspiration anywhere. I don´t know what happened on the way. When we were young, we didn´t think that much. We just did, put it down, the first thing that came to our mind.  With no self judgement or the least worry of what other might think of your art, the creativity was flying free.

Maybe you left your creativity as a child, thinking it was nothing you could earn money on anyway and you went on studying business. Or maybe you just never dared to even try picking up that brush again to paint a huge canvas telling yourself the ideas that are popping up in your head for years, are worth nothing. OR, Ill do it next year maybe, when the little one is one year older and I will probably have much more time then.. 😉 Or maybe not..?

Doing some creative projects, doesn´t always need to be done with an intent of being famous, or one day lift you economically. Even though you got a degree in business, it doesn´t mean your creative side disappeared. It´s another side of your intelligence having fun. Just feed some of the creative ideas flowing through your head as part of your daily life. May it be, practicing you guitar more, write lyrics you have wanted to do forever (and your notebook is already full of rhymes and meaningful sentences), or maybe putting up a cooking blog or take an art course or renovate your living room, just doing some of it, will satisfy a very big part of the right side of your brain!  AND you will soon see that when passion are put together with a small action, finding time is as easy as not finding time, or maybe even easier.


Here are some cool strategies  to procrastinate  your dreams little more just like I´ve done a million times. Pushing away all ideas, finding all kinds of reasons for not doing them, but wanna do them anyway 😀

empty canvas

1 – Money. I don´t have money to focus on my creativity right now. I wont earn any money of it anyway, so I plan it for later when I have more time or money. But, watching TV is ok and I have money for that, lying on my couch too is all fine, but painting a canvas or sowing one of the 12 dresses I designed in my notebook need to wait.

2 – Planning is good. I´ve always had a notebook where I wrote down all my ideas and then bought a new notebook with other kinds of ideas when the other got full. But, if you don´t start actually producing, those brilliant ideas will grow so big that it gets all overwhelming and too much to start on. The small, little idea of painting a picture to your grandma, turned into a art gallery exposition which got sold out in two hours and made you travel the world meeting  inspiring mysterious artists and so goes the dreams over to – uhhmm where was my head when I was thinking of this? This unrealistic dream of mine, I can rather forget about it.. and maybe buy a new notebook with new , normal ideas… you see where Im going. Write down your ideas somewhere, as fast as your muse says hi, but do something about it. 20min a day for six months, would have given you at least something instead of nothing, right?

books notes

3 – Lack of the resources. I dont have a professional camera, my apartment is too small for a keyboard or a dancing space. Make space, save money for your camera, focus on the fun side your creativity would give you instead of using all your energy on what makes it so difficult to do. 

4 – Self sabotaging. How many times have you told yourself your dreams are not realistic. Its not possible to write a book or get a gallery expo, cus only artists and writers get to do that. Who am I to join them with whatever I have to offer? 

5- Time. It´s impossible to find time for feeding my passion even for one night a week, cus next week it´s christmas, and maybe I should rather buy that jacket on sale instead of the blouse, and its a war in Syria and my country is in an economic crisis, so why paint a canvas or start dancing again? And, I have three dinners this month so I can´t really start renovating right now or next month cus my aunt will stay here and I dont even know where to buy paint in this city and anyway. But, I´m going on vacation over new years so I can bring my notebooks and write down my ideas there till I have time next year cus I´ll have more time then of course.               OR, what if I made space for my keyboard and played for just 20 min anyway?


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