I had four nights left in Playa del Carmen by myself and was looking for a different place to explore my last days. After some research, I ended up in a huge tent which became my first Glamping experience 😀  

Skjermbilde 2018-01-24 kl. 20.30.09


My tent was named Versace with lasting thermal curtains that allow you to set the right indoor temperature. All the tents had their own patio with a table, a fridge and a huge bed. My closet was a hanging branch which I could hang my clothes on! So simple and I needed nothing more. Perfect place for relax and to explore a different way of design. I know nothing about building tents and bubble tents, but I can imagine there has a lot to do with materials which cope with different temperatures and tropical rain!


I stayed in this tent for two nights before I moved to the Bubble tent a little further in the property. The Bubble tent is supposed to be very, very romantic as it has an open view to fall asleep under the stars, but as I was by myself, I was happy to spend my last night under the sky in Mexico. Its something I dont do every day and it was a perfect ending of three weeks in Mexico! So much burritos, beaches, colorful inspirations, snorkling, cenotes, turtles and salsa.

Skjermbilde 2018-01-24 kl. 20.29.41Skjermbilde 2018-01-24 kl. 20.28.58



The property is in the middle of deep nature and close to some local  beaches in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. My favourite beach was called Playa Esmeralda.  They offers bicycles for free, a nice pool and free access to the Beach Club 5 min away with bike.

For booking or more info, take a look at:





Bye for now Mexico!

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