Skjermbilde 2018-01-30 kl. 23.08.19


Fear, procrastination, laziness, distractions, rain, sleep, the boyfriend, TV, the gym, reading, researching, planning, planning more,my countries economic crisis, my president, my kids, my childhood, lack of motivation, no money, my nice bed, party and no time. No time at all actually. My too many friends, it´s the dark season and it´s the Netflix

What were your todays excuses for not starting, or finishing or  take a babystep closer towards your goal?  A more vibrant and creative life is waiting around a colorful corner, but why didn´t you walk closer it. I wish I was Tom Brady for a week and see how far I could get with my ideas. 




If Tom Brady blamed the rain, he would definitely not end up as the most famous and successful quarterback of American fotball. I just read a book about him, and besides being a little in love, I find him extremely right in all ways of pursuing his goals. No fear of failure, no whining, nor would he ever in his life blame his kids for not being able to achieve his biggest passion. If he was still reading books about football, where would he be today? At least not in bed with Gisele Bundshen, that´s for sure. She would not accept one tiny winy excuse either, nor blame the party last night to skip todays exercise. Reading his book, it all seemed so easy. Though, I don´t need to be a quarterback I could always use his motto before starting my day to focus on my goals and art projects – no excuses, no whining, the clock is ticking.


It´s changing the word time with priorities

It´s changing excuses with exercises

It´s changing your habits by breaking down all excuses till there´s nothing left to blame

It´s building a fear to one day realize I didn´t do all in my power to make it happen – because of fear


So what were your excuses today? If you start writing down all excuses for a week, you will find it funny shocking!

It´s a Big Yes deciding taking  a step into an unknown direction, or an old direction too. We obviously know, the transition of jumping from our cozy comfort zone to something that requires changes in our habits and priorities is freaking difficult and very scary. The fear of disappointing ourself and everyone else sneaks under your chest, squeezes your throat and ignites a dark side of you. And I wonder, how and why we make it even more difficult for ourselves, adding more and more excuses into this process..?

I´m imagining, having a coffee with Tom Brady and Gisele Bundshen and other hard working artists, and they are saying: sooo, you have finally decided to actually take the big step doing more of your creative work, pursuing your dreams and passions! That´s so exciting. Maybe it´s something we could take a look at?! How is it going? We are dying to know!! And I would be like – ohh, you know, I was a little tired after gym last night, and I´m not soo motivated these days, but I mean I have it all in my head,  I still just need to get that thing I need to actually start so I have put that down on my To Do list for this month, but Yeah, it´s going good, going forward, I show you everything soon…

They would be like; omg, she has not said Yes, yet… she will get there…

If I made no excuses the last ten years, how many design projects would I have done until today? Or books published, or paintings sold. How many countries would I have traveled? Help, I don´t want to even think about it.

Let´s just be as cool as Tom Brady and Gisele Bundshen and have a week of no excuses, no whining. The rain, the never ending  planning and Donald Trump can wait this week. I only want to paint a colorful canvas. It can´t be that complicated? 


No excuses, no whining from now

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