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You have probably had the feeling of creative ideas popping into your head over and over again, sometimes at night, at meetings or in bed with your man, and everytime the idea has grown into even stronger and clearer ideas. We try to tell the voices to shut up, or that we take a look at it `later´ when we have more time. This is your muse saying, helloo, trying to get your attention, reminding you it has some creative ideas to share with you. It´s goal, is to use you as a channel to put forth some passions you already were born with…


Im pretty happy now, cus I just learned about what a muse is and the sneaky, funny things they do to connect with you. Two friends, both singers, asked me on a walk the other day, how I  `connect with my muses´, and I was like; Muse?? And they were like; whaaat? You don´t know what´s a muse? Nope! I was maybe the last one to know?? Well, now I know ;D


A muse has an enormous power to ignite `the creative spark´ inside you, giving you the secrets to draw out your most original work.

Even though you have neglected the voices a million times, your muses will try over and over agin, until you give in, and listen to what they have to say. They have the power to put forth your inner passions and guide you with knowledge you didn’t know you had, so I have learned it is worth having a look into what creative juices they are offering. 


The question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your next adventure


The easiest way to connect with your muses  is very simple. It is the willingness to take time and to show up. This is easier now that you are more conscient of what a muse is of course…  The more you show up, the more you prioritize to take time for putting your ideas somewhere, the more guidance you will get. The muses are always there, but if you don´t show up, they will have fun with someone else meanwhile.They want to play and live through your passions,  not wait. 

The muses are looking for dedicated souls who are loyal to their dreams and opportunities. So, when you have the muses `attention´, simply ask them to use your skills, to be their channel, be humble and open to anything that comes the moments ahead. 

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Before a project, or if you feel creative blocked, sit down or go somewhere and ask for their guidance. Many people meditate to seek connection. Im still not good in meditating, but I like walks. Be aware of when your ideas are flowing the most. In the morning or at night? The peak of my creativity comes in the morning, when I wake up. Also in cars and buses. So now, I have notebooks everywhere! Be aware of your muses eager to communicate at all times, so write down, draw sketches or do a research asap they knock on your door to play with you. This is to lure a muse for creative clues. 


Have a fun day today all cool creative creatures







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