Thanks for having a look at my new blog 😀

I´m Tanja and I just moved back to Oslo, Norway (where I am from) after five years living in Rio de Janeiro. I now live in a small studio apartment in my favourite area downtown called Grunerløkka. (full of green parks, vintage design stores, bars and cafés and galleries)

My adventurerous and artistic me started off when I was 17 when I lived one year in Barcelona as an exchange student. I went to an artistic high school, drawing, painting and sculpturing all day! 

The best decition I have made, was to study interior design. The second best decition was to do my bachelor in Rio de janeiro, where I ended up living for five years, working for two architect companies and freelanced by myself and design friends

 I will document my interior design and art projects, my travels and inspirations, but also share the ups and downs, failures and lessons learned by our creative journeys.

Under you can take a closer look on my categories topics and content.










In this Category, I will share my design journeys! My freelance projects step by step with 2D and 3D drawings, moodboards, inspirations and articles about  topics  such as color psychology, Feng Shui, DIY, greenery, cheap vs expensive shopping and other juicy tips&trics for your home 😀

What I love, is to create a project where the clients can reflect their personalities. Now, working freelance, I am much more challenged by all kinds of budgets and spaces, but this is only increasing the right side of my brain, being more creative and hands on with `do -it – yourself´ ideas. 






What´s better than art, design and travel??

I´m always in search of my next adeventure! Everywhere I go I hunt local restaurants/cafe,  art exhibitions and galleries, fun bars and different accomodation! Travel is my favourite way of getting inspired and to meet amazing, new, creative people and places around the world.

I want to share the creative adventures  I am exploring indifferent cities while traveling –   creative art  courses, local artists or designers, eco – design, Boutique Hotels, AirBnb accomodations, local design shops, unforgettable restaurants and cafés, museums, galleries and art exhibitions are the topics in this category. 

I really hope you will join me on these creative journeys and boost eachother of fun, creative chats and travels.








“If you have a creative mind, it´s a bit like owning a border collie. If you don´t give it something to do, you are slowly creating a devil inside your home”

In this category I share the emotional challenges and the boosting trics to keep yourself creative, also introducing creative people´s lifes and projects, events and activities!





Thanks for reading! Im open for all critics and advices  as I am still learning blogging. Have a fun day all creative creatures 😀

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