I got the chance to plan and design the apartment of this beautiful woman from Oslo. Her name is Julie and we became good friends during the renovation 🙂 She was eager to learn how to manage a red thread in her apartment and to reflect her personality into her home. Even though she was scared in the beginning, she ended up deciding for a dark green color in her livingroom, light green shade in her bedroom and an almost black color in her hall way! That is brave! 

Together we put together a pinterest board with inspirations. I made a moodboard and started with the 3D drawings so she could visualize how the finished reno would look like. Then the project started off with paining all walls together and buying new interiors and furnitures. It was some fun days together with loud music, good food and drinks 😉

Have a look



3D drawings

Skjermbilde 2017-06-30 kl. 19.59.21Skjermbilde 2017-06-30 kl. 20.04.55Skjermbilde 2017-06-30 kl. 20.04.32


Some of the finished reno photos


Thanks for scrolling 🙂

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